IGFS updated website and services representation

With the International Gravity Field Service (IGFS) Central Bureau (CB) being hosted at the Department of Geodesy and Surveying (DGS) of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) since April 2016, an effort was put forth in order to update its presence in the web and make the IGFS data and products more visible to the interested scientific and user community. To that respect, a first webpage has been created presenting mostly administrative information for IGFS and its services (see Figure 1) in order to guarantee its presence online.

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Figure 1: The first update of the IGFS webpage online since April 2016.

Given the need to promote the work carried out by IGFS Services and Centers, a new updated webpage has been recently created focusing more on the data and products availability, so that interested users can acquire them directly from the available portals (see Figure 2). In the new webpage layout, the availability of gravity, geoid, GEM, DEM, SG and tide data through the IGFS services portal is more visible, while a news section has been created as well to direct to IGFS related conferences, updates, etc.

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Finally, two mailing lists are currently under development and will be uploaded soon.
igfs-products@lists.auth.gr the scope of this list if to provide updated information on the new data and products that become available from the IGFS Services. New data and products such as GEMs, DEMs, gravity, geoid, SG, tide, etc. will be posted and shared to all list members. Subscription to the list is free. The list can be accessed at https://lists.auth.gr/sympa/info/igfs-products

igfs-standards@lists.auth.gr the scope of this list is to provide a forum for idea exchange within the IGFS CB, AB and IAG Commission2 SC, towards the introduction of new and the update of old IGFS conventions and standards. The igfs-standards mailing list is open to all, but pending approval of the IGFS CB, given the more administrative nature of the list. The list can be accessed at https://lists.auth.gr/sympa/info/igfs-standards

IGFS is happy to acknowledge the hosting and operation of the International Digital Elevation Model Service (IDEMS) by the Environmental Systems Research Institute (Esri) (http://www.esri.com) under the lead of Mr. Kevin M Kelly (Director) and Dr. Jianbin Duan (Deputy Director). The new IDEMS website can be accessed at https://idems.maps.arcgis.com/home/index.html.

Thessaloniki, Greece
October 2016
Georgios S. Vergos
IGFS CB Director


This document has been provided by the Communicational and Outreach Branch of the International Association of Geodesy.