ILRS: Special Issue of the Journal of Geodesy on laser ranging - Call for papers.

Dear Colleagues,

The International Laser Ranging Service (ILRS) is organizing the collection of papers dealing with the topics of interest to ILRS, for publication in a Special Issue (SI) of the Journal of Geodesy (JoG). There is already great interest in such an effort from the members of the ILRS. It would be however of great value if colleagues from different research areas also contributed works that either make use of ILRS data and products or deal with their application of Laser Ranging (LR). This will be only the second Special Issue dedicated to laser ranging since the establishment of the ILRS in late 1998. We are soliciting high quality papers that will cover the main application areas of LR, the organization of the ILRS, the engineering aspects, the operations, the support of missions by LR, various aspects of LR data analysis, research and scientific products relying on LR, and future prospects.

The scope of the contributed papers should cover scientific analyses and research investigations using all types of measurements carried out for Earth and planetary science and related disciplines, as well as aspects of modeling of the data acquired by LR and interpretation of the obtained results. It is our hope that the SI will provide a forum to document the level of interdisciplinary research being carried out with ILRS-collected observations and derived products.
If you wish to contribute a paper to the Special Issue on Laser Ranging, please submit a tentative title, a list of authors, and a short abstract of your proposed contribution to the guest editors by January 31, 2017. The authors of the accepted manuscripts will receive a notification by February 15, 2017 with instructions on how to submit their full manuscript to JoG through the Editorial Manager (http://www.editorialmanager.com/joge) until May 31, 2017, for peer-review. It should be emphasized that the contributions will go through the same critical review process as any other JoG paper. Papers should be focused on special topics and duplications of the main issues have to be avoided. The final decision of publication remains, as always, with the Editor-in-Chief of JoG.

Yours sincerely
Erricos C. Pavlis (epavlis@umbc.edu)
Cinzia Luceri (cinzia.luceri@e-geos.it)
Guest Editors to Journal of Geodesy


This document has been provided by the Communicational and Outreach Branch of the International Association of Geodesy.