IAG Fund

The IAG Fund aims at supporting specific IAG activities. Its primary goals are:

  • to provide travel support for young scientists to attend IAG Symposia and workshops,
  • to assist in the organisation of IAG workshops in developing countries, and
  • to provide an annual IAG Best Publication Award for young scientists.

The fund was established by the IAG Executive Committee at its meeting in Columbus, Ohio, 1992, see Bulletin Geodesique, Vol. 68, pp. 41-42, 1994.

Contributions were requested from all IAG Fellows with much success, so that already by January 1996 more then $ US 18500 had been received and $ US 2800 have been spend (two best paper Awards and one International Travel Award).
Contributors are divided in 3 groups:

  • Presidents Club (cummulative contributions of $ 1000 or more)
  • Special contributors (annual contributors of $ 100 or more)
  • Contributors (annual contributions of less than $ 100)

At its meeting in Copenhagen, 1995, Mr. R. Forsberg, president Section III, was appointed to lead the fund-raising activities.

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