Sz. Rozsa | 2023-10-15

IAG Travel Award

The award is established to assist young scientists from member countries to present results of their research at IAG meetings (assemblies, symposia, workshops, etc.).

Rules for the IAG Travel Award


The award is established to assist young scientists from IAG member countries to present results of their research at IAG meetings (assemblies, symposia, workshops, etc.).


The applicant must present results of his or her research at the meeting and must be 35 years of age or less at the date of the application. The application must be supported by at least one IAG Fellow or two Associates.

Type of awards

There are two awards, one for meetings in the applicant’s own country, and the other for meetings outside the applicant’s country. The first is called IAG National Travel Award and has a maximum financial value of 750 Euros. It is available for meetings in low and mid economy countries. The second is called IAG International Travel Award and has a maximum financial support of 1500 Euros. The amounts can occasionally be adjusted by the IAG Executive Committee. It was adjusted last in 2020.

Additional benefits

The IAG will encourage the organizers of the meetings to waive the registration fees for all IAG Travel award winners.

Application procedure

Applicants shall send their application at least three months before the meeting to the IAG Secretary General at

The application must contain:

  • Full name of the Applicant, address and e-mail address
  • Institution and degree/position of the Applicant (e.g. University XX, PhD Student)
  • Date of birth
  • IAG meeting name, city, country, date
  • Title, authors, and abstract of the paper to be presented
  • A letter of acceptance of the presentation by the organising committee (if available, otherwise it has to be submitted as soon as it is available)
  • Travel budget and sources of additional funding
  • Name(s) of supporting person(s); the letter(s) of support (either from an IAG Fellow or from two Associates) should be sent separately by the supporter(s).

By sending the application, the applicant agree that his/her data are stored internally in the IAG records. Data are used only for Award-related purposes.

Selection procedure and criteria

Selection of applicants and the amount granted will be done by the IAG Bureau. It will be based on the paper to be presented, the letter(s) of support, and the applicant’s ability to actually attend the meeting. Priority will be given to candidates from low and mid economy countries. 

IAG Secretary General will agree with winners the details of the payment. Normally it cannot be paid before the meeting.

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