IAG Awards

IAG Travel Award

The award is established to assist young scientists from member countries to present results of their research at IAG meetings (assemblies, symposia, workshops, etc.).


Levallois Medal

The Levallois Medal was established by the International Association of Geodesy in 1979 to honour Jean-Jacques Levallois, and to recognize his outstanding contribution to the I.A.G., particularly his long service as Secretary General, 1960-1975.


Guy Bomford Prize

The Guy Bomford Prize is awarded by the International Association of Geodesy for outstanding contribution to Geodesy. It was established by the British National Committee for Geodesy and Geophysics to mark the contributions to geodesy of Brigadier G. Bomford, formerly of the University of Oxford and a Past President of the International Association of Geodesy.


IAG Young Author's Awards

The rules for the IAG Young Authors award is given below. The purpose of the awards is to draw attention to important contributions by young scientists in the Journal of Geodesy and to foster excellence in scientific writing.


IAG Fund

The IAG Fund aims at supporting specific IAG activities. Its primary goals are: to provide travel support for young scientists to attend IAG Symposia and workshops, to assist in the organisation of IAG workshops in developing countries, and to provide an annual IAG Best Publication Award for young scientists.


IAG Events