Christina Schneider | 2003-07-01

Minutes of the Executive Committe Meeting July 1, 2003

Present: Fernando Sansó (FS), C.C. Tscherning (CCT), Gerhard Beutler (GB), Denisar Blitzkow (DB), Chris Rizos (CR), Pascal Willis (PW), Michael Sideris (MS), Clark Wilson (CW), Bernhard Heck (BH), Veronique Dehant (VD), Shuzo Takemoto (ST), Klaus-Peter Schwarz (KPS)

Keeper of the minutes: Christina Schneider (CS)

1. Adoption of Agenda.

FS started the meeting welcoming the participants. FS summarized the agenda for all the EC-meetings and it was decided to change the meeting hour to 8.00 – 9.00 for both the EC-meeting on the 3rd and the 7th of July. (Note: the EC meeting on the 3rd was later cancelled).

After that the agenda was adopted.

2. Sapporo organization.

CCT gave some information about the administration in Sapporo and summarized the social and practical events during the General Assembly.

The IAG has an office on the 6th floor at Royton Hotel (room 614) and in connection to the office is a meeting room for about 12 persons. CCT invited the EC to use the office facilities with consideration.

There are mailboxes for all the National Correspondents and members of the Executive Committee also on the 6th floor by the elevators. CCT encouraged the EC to check their mailboxes daily.

The IAG office is collecting the papers from the sessions. CS will hand over the papers to the conveners later.

Scientific events and meetings:

The IAG opening will take place this afternoon at 1 o’clock and the IAG closing session will be on the 10th of July.

There are 2 council meetings to which the EC is invited – not obliged though.

Social events:

The IAG Reception is on the 3rd of July and the dinner is being held on the 9th.

The IUGG opening is on the 2nd of July with the presents of the Emperor of Japan

Tickets for the IAG dinner are now available at the ticket counter on the 2nd floor.

3. Proposal for members of the audit committee.

The nominated for the audit committee are:

  • Dr. Bjorn Geirr Harsson, Statens Kartverk, Norway
  • Dr. Jan Krynski, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland
  • Ass. Prof. William Featherstone, Curtin University of Technology

All 3 nominated have confirmed their willingness to participate in the committee in advance.

The nomination of the committee members was adopted by the EC.

4. Nomination of the members of the resolution committee.

The nominated for the resolution committee are:

  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Beutler, Astronomical Institute of Bern, Switzerland (Chairman)
  • Laura Sanchez, Instituto Geografico Agustin Codazzi, Colombia
  • Dr. David Sandwell, SCRIPPS, Institute of Oceanography, USA
  • Prof.-Dr. József Ádám, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

GB informed that rules introduced by KPS’s are adopted: to appoint someone who makes sure that the resolutions are being followed.

There should not be any resolutions, which demands principles to be adopted.

If anyone has additional resolutions, they should be handed over to GB no later than Friday the 4th of July.

The proposal for the nomination of the committee members was adopted by the EC

5. New Fellows.

A copy of the nominees was distributed to the EC

Ole Baltazar Andersen preliminary list:

Yang, Yuanxi (EC)

  • S. Han (1.179)
  • H. van der Marel (1.180)
  • R. Weber (1.181)
  • M. Stewart (1.182)
  • R. Scharroo (2.162)
  • R. Hanssen (2.183)
  • R. Kursinski (2.192)
  • P. Visser (2.193)
  • P. Berry (3.184)
  • N. Sneeuw (3.185)
  • C. Hwang (3.186)
  • W. Keller (4.187)
  • G. Strykowski (4.188)
  • C. Hwang (3.186)
  • A. Marchenko (SC 5)
  • R. Lehmann (SC3)

C.C. Tscherning additional proposals:

  • S. Kenyon (Arctic Gravity Project)
  • R. Gross (WG)
  • J.-P. Barriot (BGI)
  • D. Gambis (BdL)
  • J. Vondrak (IERS)
  • N. Vandenberg (IVS)
  • W. Schlueter (IVS)
  • E.F. Arias (TS)
  • B.G. Harsson (ABLOS)
  • C. Tiberius (JoG)
  • C. Brunini (JoG)
  • T. Schoene (2.194)
  • W. Gurtner (ILRS)
  • G. Gendt (IGS)
  • Carine Bruyninx (IGS/EUREF)

The following was suggested by the EC to be added to the list in EC meeting:

  • Susan Skone (1.180)
  • Leonid Vitushkin (Working Group on Intercomparison of Absolute Gravimeters)
  • H. Kutterer (4.190)

CCT went through the additional list and explained the reasons for the nominees to be fellows

P.G. Teunissen has subsequently confirmed the nomination of C. Tiberius and C.Brunini.

Requests for additional nominees to be included in the list shall be given to CCT no later than Monday.

6. Implementation of new structure.

GB presented the implementation of the new structure – see attachment 1.

Additional comments to agenda item no 6:

VD reported on the ICC on Planetary Geodesy that David Smith (NASA) was asked to write some terms of references. VD has made them, but the group has not yet discussed them. FS suggested that Dave Smith was officially asked to join the planning group because his presence could keep the interest of scientists outside of IAG.

The ICC on Planetary Geodesy (ICCPG) and the one on Geodetic Standards (ICCGS) had not finished its deliberations, but they expected to do this before Monday.


The council will be asked to approve IGGOS.

The EC had a discussion about whether the Council should be asked to approve the establishment of ICCGS and the ICC on Planetary Geodesy now or at the Scientific Assembly in 2005. There where two suggestions:

To request the Council to the approve the ICC’s in principle and leave the final decision to the EC 

The agenda item no 3 on the Council agenda for the meeting Tuesday the 1st is postponed till the meeting Monday, week 2, because the council can then await the outcome of the meetings in the 2 planning groups in question. 

The EC had some concern that valuable time is wasted if the approving is in 2005. VD stated that a lot of scientist outside of IAG is very enthusiastic about the work to be done in the groups, and waiting a long time to get started can mean that people will loose interest, which will be a great loss to IAG.

KPS stated that he didn’t think time is wasted if the council approve in 2005 because a lot of administrative things and matters of organization has to be taken care of first, and it takes a really long time.

After a long discussion the EC moved to vote on the following solutions on the subject:

A vote showed a majority on the second suggestion.

GB asked for reports from the planning groups to be given before the next EC meeting.

7. Election of Commission Vice-Presidents.

For Commission 1 – C.K. Shum (Herman Drewes is elected president)

For Commission 2 – I.Tziavos (Chris Jekeli is elected president)

For Commission 3 – Mike Beavis is proposed (and has later agreed). (V.Dehant is elected president).

For Commission 4 – Pascal Willis (Chris Rizos is elected president)

8. Venue of IAG Scientific Assembly 2005

FS gave a brief presentation of the 4 proposals:

Torino, Italy: There is no Scientific Local Organizing Committee behind the Italian proposal. If the Council will decide on Italy, there will be organized scientific support.

Valencia, Spain: Valencia has great experience in organizing scientific meetings but does not have a strong internal LOC. Worth mentioning is that they have an important school.

Istanbul, Turkey: The big advantage with Istanbul is that the city is as far away from USA as from Asia. You can easily travel there and the travel costs are minimal. 

Cairns, Australia: The Local Organizing Committee will be lead by Chris Rizos. The advantage of Cairns is that it is really well organized. The disadvantage is the length of the journey.

FS pointed out that it should be taken into consideration that Australia also made a proposal for the 1997 General Assembly and therefore should be given much consideration.

The Council will have a presentation of the 4 proposals on the meeting Monday. 

FS informed the EC (to make sure they are aware of his opinion) that he is working strongly for Italy to get IUGG2007. 

9. Election of IAG representatives to external bodies (CCT)

CCT had prepared a list of representatives to external bodies (see attachment 2 – original list)

Comments to the list:

IAU Working Group on Astronomical Standards (WGAS). BH raised the question what to do if the WG isn’t established in which case there will not be a nomination.

IAG has still not received a report from ISO TC 211.

IAG has still not received a report from WMO/IUGG.

H. Drewes remains to be asked if he will continue SIRGAS.

The same applies to R. Dietrich – SCAR WG-GGI

FS noted that there is missing a group: the Joint Gravity Field Services Board to which he suggests Rene Forsberg, National Cadastre and Survey of Denmark. The new Commission 2 should take care of this.

New Commission Presidents soon has to hand in other nomination and suggestions.

A meeting is scheduled for Saturday with the new Commission Presidents, and everything, which is decided at that meeting, can be move for approval on the Council meeting Monday.

10. Sponsorship of Symposia.

Besides of the request for sponsorship that the EC voted on before Sapporo there are no additional requests. 

CR mentioned that there might be a request for co-sponsorship from Nottingham FIG Structuring and Monitoring workshop.

FS has been a president for a school on Theoretical Geodesy in Italy for a number of years. Together with Reiner Rummel FS has now re-established the School and there might be a request for sponsorship from them. The meeting will most likely be held in Como again in summer 2004 or 2005 on the subject of inverse problems. 

FS previously wrote lecture notes for the school and would really much like to do so again. FS requested the EC’s comment on that. The EC was very much for that.

11. IAG Symposia Rules and rules for schools.

At present time IAG has no rules for schools. FS stated that it is a problem that all information about schools and symposia is required to be handed in 18 months prior to the start of the event.

The present EC recommend that the new EC asked the future Cassinis committee for a proposal. 

A problem with the IAG schools is that right now students can’t obtain credit/points, which is very much requested by the Universities. 

MS suggested that a minor group was founded to make rules and standards for IAG schools in order for universities will recognize IAG schools. MS volunteer for the committee, VD, CR and CCT also volunteered. MS was appointed chairman of the group, and it was recommended that the group meet during the IUGG2003 and finished the job within a month. MS don’t think it is possible but will try.

The EC finished the agenda for this meeting before scheduled and it was decided to move on to the agenda for the 3rd of July.

11. IAG budget

CCT explained the budget, which is almost identical to the budget from the previous period except for the line "Membership fee". Any extra income will be spend on grants. 

The EC adopted the proposed budget.

The budget is attached this minute as attachment 3

12. IAG Fund

Even though the new statues and by-laws states that you shall pay membership fee it is still possible to contribute to the IAG Fund, but it is expected to be an decreasing income. Still it should be realistic to obtain USD 7000 over the next 4 year period. 

FS brought the attention to the fact that it is possible for an institution to pay for several people. When the institution is paying for membership then the member still can make contribution to the Fund.

VD suggested if someone is contributing with more than a certain amount then they can get some benefits at assemblies. CCT will think about the suggestion.

13. Proposal for new IAG services: DORIS

Pascal willis summerized the draft version, which has been send out by e-mail (see attachment 4).

The EC had no comments or contradictions so it was adopted


Item 14. IGGOS:

GB made a smaller presentation of IGGOS during the presentation of the new structure so the item will be deleted from the agenda.

Item 15. ICC on Planetary Geodesy

There will be a group meeting during the first week therefore the discussion will be moved to the agenda for Monday.

Item 15a ICC on Geodetic Standards

The discussion will be moved to a later meeting.

Item 16. Status on Handbook and Travaux 

Information and discussion moved to meeting on Monday.

Decision: The EC meeting scheduled for the 3rd of July is cancelled.

Issues still not finished on this meeting will be brought to attention on the meeting Monday.

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