Christina Schneider | 2003-08-07

Minutes of the Council Meeting 1st of July 2003 during the IUGG2003

Present: Australia (Will Featherstone), Austria (Erhard Erker), Belgium (Veronique Dehant), Brazil (Denisar Blitzkow), Canada (Marcelo Santos), China (Hu Jianguo), Czech Republic (Petr Holota), Denmark (Niels Andersen), Finland (Markku Poutanen), France (Pascal Willis), Germany (Bernhard Heck), Hungary (Jozsef Ádám), Italy (Riccardo Barzaghi), Japan (Shuzo Takemoto), Malaysia (Teng Chee Hua), Netherlands (Ramon Hanssen), New Zealand (Graeme Blick), Norway (Björn Geirr Harsson), Poland (Jan Krynski), Romania (Crisan Demetrescu), Russia (Petz Medvedev), South Africa (Charles Merry), Sweden (Bo Jonsson), Switzerland (Alain Geiger), Thailand (Chaiwat Promthong),Turkey (Ali Kilicoglu), UK (Norman Teferle)

From the executive committee: F.Sanso (FS), G.Beutler (GB), C.C.Tscherning (CCT) and others.

Keeper of the minutes: Christina Schneider

1. Welcome, greetings to delegates.

CCT started the meeting with a roll-call which showed that ther where enough countries present to make a quorum.

FS welcomed all the delegates and began the agenda by apologizing to the Council that he would speed up the agenda, due to a meeting in the IUGG Council, which several people present had to attend. The items on the agenda which wasn’t discussed in this Council meeting will be discussed Monday. Also the agenda wouldn’t be discussed item by item but only the most important ones.

2. Sapporo Organization

IAG has an office on the 6th floor – room 614. It is open from 8.00 – 13.00 and again 14.00 – 16.00. The Council was asked only to use the office for strictly administrative business. 

All nations have a mailbox also on the 6th floor by the elevator, which everyone was encouraged to check once a day.

3. Implementation of the new IAG Structure.

GB gave a presentation of the work that has been done since the Statues and by-laws were adopted in Budapest. (see attachment 1).

The Council will move to final decision on Monday along with anything to be voted for. 

4. Appointment of Audit Committee.

The nominated members of the Audit Committee were:

  • Dr. Bjorn Geirr Harsson, Statens Kartverk, Norway
  • Dr. Jan Krynski, Institute of Geodesy and Cartography, Poland
  • Ass. Prof. William Featherstone, Curtin University of Technology

The Council didn’t have any other proposals and the committee was elected.

5. Appointment of Resolution Committee.

The nominated members of the Resolution Committee were:

  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Beutler, Astronomical Institute of Bern, Switzerland (Chairman)
  • Laura Sanchez, Instituto Geografico Agustin Codazzi, Colombia
  • Dr. David Sandwell, SCRIPPS, Institute of Oceanography, USA
  • Prof.-Dr. József Ádám, Technical University of Budapest, Hungary

GB informed the Council that any additional resolution should be given to either him or delivered to the IAG office before Friday at 16.00.

The Council didn’t have any other proposals and the committee was elected.

6. IAG Budget Proposal 03-06.

CCT made a short presentation of the budget, which is almost exactly the same as the one from the previous period except from the line "Membership fees". Some of the new income will be spend on the Communications and Outreach Branch and on more grants.

The Council will be requested to adopt the budget on Monday.

7. Information on IAG awards (Levallois Medal, Bomford Prize)

The information had already been given at the IAG opening finished minutes before this meeting, where the Levallois Medal had been given to G.Veis (Greece) and the Bomford Prize to R.Hannsen (the Netherlands).

8. Review of election procedures.

This agenda item will be moved to the next Council meeting.

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