Christina Schneider | 2003-08-07

Minutes of Executive Committee meeting the 7th of July

Presents: Fernando Sanso (FS), C.C. Tshcerning (CCT), Ole Andersen (OA), Gerhard Beutler (GB), Shuzo Takamoto (ST), Clark Wilson (CW), Pascal Willis (PW), Denisar Blitzkow (DB), Bernhard Heck (BH), Chris Rizos (CR), Klaus-Peter Schwartz (KPS), Michael Sideris (MS), Peter Teunissen (PT), Herman Drewes (HD)

Keeper of the minutes: Christina Schneider

17. New Structure implementation (GB)

GB informed the EC of the outcome and discussion concerning this item. The structure of the new Commissions will be as follows:

Commission 1 (Reference Frames) – Structure 2003-2007

President: Herman Drewes
Vice-President: C.K. Shum
SubCommission 1.1 - Coordination of Space Techniques – Marcus Rothacher
SubCommission 1.2. Global Reference Frame – Claude Boucher (with IERS)
SubCommission 1.3. Regional Reference Frames – The SC will be responsible for the coordination between:
EUREF: J. Agria Torres
NAREF: D. Milbert (Not yet confirmed)
AFREF: R. Wonnacott.(Not yet confirmed)
APSG: J. Manning
SCAR: R. Dietrich
ASIA: Not yet decided. 

Since it is not possible for all to be a member of the Commission Steering Committee, there will be appointed a coordinator amongst them, the position of which is expected to rotate between the regional groups.

SubCommission 1.4. Celestial Reference Frame – S.Y. Zhu (to be estabished in cooperation with the corresponding group of Commission 2)

CommissionProject 1.1 Multi-Mission Satellite Altimetry (with Commission 2) W. Bosch will chair the CP. 

CommissionProject 1.2. GNSS - R. Weber (with commission 4 and IGS) – The product of this project will be of great help for Galileo.

Services Representatives:


Commission 2 (Gravity Field)

President: Christopher Jekeli
Vice-President: Ilias Tziavos, University of Thessaloniki

  • Commission 2 proposes to have 3 sub-commissions as identified in New IAG Structure Status Report of March 2003.
  • Sub-commission 2.1, Gravimetry and Gravity Networks will be chaired by Shuhei Okubo, University of Tokyo. This sub-commission will specifically include airborne gravimetry.
  • Sub-commission 2.2, Spatial and temporal Gravity Field Modeling, will be chaired by Martin Vermeer, Helsinki TU.
  • Sub-commission 2.3, Dedicated Gravity Satellite Missions, will be chaired by Pieter Visser, Delft UT.
  • There are some projects to be proposed, like the North American Geoid (Marc Veronneau, NRCan), and the European Geoid
  • There are some inter-commission projects, special study groups, and inter-commission sub-commissions to be proposed
  • None of these has been finalized

Commission 3 (Earth Rotation and Geodynamics)

President: Veronique Dehant

Vice-President: Mike Bevis

SubCommission 3.1. Earth Tides – President: Gerhard Jentsch

SubCommission 3.2. Crustal Deformation – President: Markku Poutanen

SubCommission 3.3. Geophysical Fluids – President: Richard Gross

IAU commission 19 on Earth Rotation:

IAG representative: Marcus Rothacher

IERS directory board

IAG representative: Clark Wilson

ICET directory board

IAG representative: president of Earth Tides sub-commission : Gerhard Jentsch

CommissionProject 3.1. Global Dynamics Project – Chair David Crossley

Participation in Special Study Group/Joint Working Group in:

  • Theory of Crustal Deformation of ICC on Theory – Chair K. Heki
  • Differential INSAR of Commission 4 – Chair Xiacli Ding

Representatives of Commission 3 to:

  • ICC on Theory – Tim van Hoolst
  • IGGOS IAG Project – Veronique Dehant

Commission 4 (Positioning & Applications)

President: Chris Rizos
Vice-President: Pascal Willis. 
The Commission Steering Committee does not yet have members from the Services or Members-at-Large.
SubCommission 4.1. Multi-sensor Systems - President: Dorota Brzezinska (USA)
SubCommission 4.2. Applications of Geodesy in Engineering - President: Heribert Kahmen (Austria)
SubCommission 4.3. GNSS Measurement of the Atmosphere - Presidents: Susan Skone (Canada), Hans van der Marel (The Netherlands)
SubCommission 4.4. Applications of Satellite & Airborne Imaging Systems - President Xiaoli Ding (Hong Kong)
SubCommission 4.5. Next Generation RTK - President: Yang Gao (Canada)

Commission 4 does not (yet) have any Study Groups or Commission Projects.

The EC then elected Ilias Tziavos as Vice-President for Commission 2 and Mike Bevis as Vice-President for Commission 3. Both where elected unanimously. (Note: C.K.Shum and P.Willis had been elected at earlier occations).

GB summarized VD and MS’s proposal on the InterCommission Committee on Planetary Geodesy (see attachment 1). The new EC was very much for the establishment of the ICC. The (new) EC have to choose a President of the ICC and the Council has to approve its establishment. There is a slight possibility that the name of the ICC will change but the content will remain. 

BH reported from the planning group on InterCommission Committee on Geodetic Standards. The work is in progress but hasn’t got as far with the job as they would like.

The relationship with IERS was discussed. This relationship is critical. It is, after all, the IERS issuing the IERS Conventions. It was agreed that the ICC on Geodetic Standards should be viewed by the IERS as a contributor to this well-known document. The ICC on Geodetic Standards will, however, have a more general task than just giving input to the IERS Conventions. The work of the new ICC should in any case not be in conflict with the IERS Conventions.

The planning group of the ICC is in good contact with the IERS. Gérard Petit from the BIPM should be included into the Planning Group.

The discussion resulted in some changes to the proposal and the EC then adopted the proposal (a revised version is attached to these minutes – attachment 2) of the Planning Group of the new ICC. The Council will be asked to give the IAG EC the permission to set up the ICC on Geodetic Standards, as soon as a good proposal is available.

It was also decided to proceed in the same way (w.r.t. the Council) with the ICC on Planetary Geodesy. The situation is somewhat different concerning the ICC on Theory: The Council will be asked to approve the establishment of the ICC on Theory. Afterwards this ICC will be established immediately with Peilang Xu as President.

The EC was informed that a task force consisting of Neilan, Fortez, Merry, Blitzkow was established by the new EC to focus on developing countries. A report should be delivered at the Nice EC meeting 2004.

18. Journal of Geodesy editorial board proposal (PT)

During the past 4 years JOG has received a total of 386 manuscripts, which is an increase with respect to the previous 4 year period. The editing process takes 9 month at the moment, which is still too long. The old board has made some recommendations to the new board to shorten the process.

The old editing board has a good candidate to the job as the new editor of chief, namely Will Featherstone. The old editorial board will propose WF as PTs successor.

FS summarized the procedure of election:

The old editing board elects a new editor-in-chief and new board members. After the election FS will be asked to approve the editor-in-chief. FS asked the EC if anyone was against Will Featherstone as editor in chief, which was not the case.

FS thanked PT for his excellent work as editor in chief in the past eight years. FS also emphasized his hope that PT does not drift away from the IAG when his job within the JoG is now over.

16. Status on Handbook and Travaux (OA/KPS)

OA thanked everybody for theirs contribution to the Travaux. 500 copies of the Travaux were published on a CD, as opposed to only 100 copies 4 years ago.

The Geodesist’s Handbook will be published in January 2004, and the work is the responsibility of the New EC.

FS thanked OA for his excellent work with the Travaux and emphasized the positive aspect, that a large number was published, which might generate an increasing interest in the Travaux.

CCT informed the EC that both, the Handbook and the Travaux, are/ will be on the IAG homepage.

19. Audit Committee report

The report wasn’t entirely finished by the time of the meeting. CCT could report that the committee has noted that CCT has had an over-consumption according to the budget adopted 4 years ago. This has to be seen in the light that there at the same time has been and increase in the income. 

20. Resolution Committee report

GB informed the EC about the IAG Resolution Committee meeting on Saturday morning. The Committee has obtained six new resolutions, which they will present to the Council (see attachment 4). The GNSS resolution is a very general resolution and GB would give the solution some more consideration during the day. All resolutions are planned to be IUGG resolutions. To be on the safe side, the resolutions will also be proposed to the IAG Council as IAG resolutions – in case they would not pass as as IUGG resolutions.

21. Any other business

FS ended the meeting by thanking the EC for their good work and good cooperation since this was the last meeting FS was conducting as president. It was the last meeting of the IAG EC 1999-2003.

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