Christina Schneider | 2003-08-07

Minute of the IAG Closing Session 10th of July 2003.

FS opened the closing session and introduced the agenda:


  1. Report on the Scientific Program (Convenors)
  2. Resolutions (Gerhard Beutler)
  3. Presentation of new Fellows (Fernando Sanso)
  4. Inaugural Speech by the new President (Gerhard Beutler)
  5. Closing remarks (Fernando Sanso)

1. Report on the Scientific Program (Convenors)

Session G01 – Report by Chris Rizos:

Nearly 1/3 of the authors have submitted a paper. Most of the Study Groups gave a report. C. Rizos thanked both, the authors and the audience, of the sessions and finally Alan Dodson for setting up the session program

Session G02 – Report by Pascal Willis:

More than 1/3 of the authors have submitted their papers. He mentioned that while this is the IAG closing it is also the closing of Session 2, which from now on will be spread over the 4 Commissions.

Session G03 – Report by Michael Sideris:

In total there where 53 posters and 38 abstracts and a total of 39 papers are submitted. 

Session G04 – Report by Bernhard Heck:

The session contained 34 oral presentations and 51 posters. 25 papers are submitted to be included into the proceedings. B. Heck thanked the authors and the audience. The Section 4 has a tradition of many discussions, and the audience followed the tradition with interest.

This is also the formal end of section 4, which will, however, have a resurrection in the form of the Inter-commission Committee on Theory.

Sessions G05 and G06 – Report by Richard Gross:

G05: The session had 52 presentations: 30 posters and 22 oral presentations.

G06: The session had 33 presentations: 18 posters and 15 oral presentations.

G07: Symposium on IGGOS

The symposium gave a good impression the state of IGGS, the new IAG project. It became clear that the scientific community and the IAG services are very much interested in the realization of IGGOS.

Joint symposia:

JSG03 – Report by Per Knudsen:

Thesymposium had a total of 42 contributions dealing with

Land, Ocean and Atmosphere. The composition of the audience changed considerably from session to session – but this was due to the change of topics.

G. Balmino and K. Heki weren’t present at the closing session to give a report from their symposium.

2. Resolutions (Gerhard Beutler)

Gerhard Beutler reported that IUGG had received a total of 12 resolutions of which 6 originated from IAG. The IAG Council had only discussed these six resolutions, the 7th resolution, thanking the Japanese for their extraordinary hospitality, was spontaneously accepted at this Closing Session. This resolution is the only pure IAG resolution.

Before moving on to the next item, FS informed the audience that the papers submitted for publication in Session G01 to G06 would be in one publication (IAG Symposia Series) and that G07 will be in a publication of its own.

3. Presentation of new Fellows (Fernando Sanso)

Before presenting the awards to the new IAG Fellows FS mentioned that only colleagues who performed an outstanding job for IAG are eligible as IAG Fellows.The new Fellows are:

  • Yang, Yuanxi (EC)
  • S. Han (1.179)
  • H. van der Marel (1.180)
  • R. Weber (1.181)
  • M. Stewart (1.182)
  • R. Scharroo (2.162)
  • R. Hanssen (2.183)
  • R. Kursinski (2.192)
  • P. Visser (2.193)
  • P. Berry (3.184)
  • N. Sneeuw (3.185)
  • C. Hwang (3.186)
  • W. Keller (4.187)
  • G. Strykowski (4.188)
  • C. Hwang (3.186)
  • A. Marchenko (SC 5)
  • R. Lehmann (SC3)
  • S. Kenyon (Arctic Gravity Project)
  • R. Gross (WG)
  • J.-P. Barriot (BGI)
  • D. Gambis (BdL)
  • J. Vondrak (IERS)
  • N. Vandenberg (IVS)
  • W. Schlueter (IVS)
  • E.F. Arias (TS)
  • B.G. Harsson (ABLOS)
  • C. Tiberius (JoG)
  • C. Brunini (JoG)
  • T. Schoene (2.194)
  • W. Gurtner (ILRS)
  • G. Gendt (IGS)
  • Carine Bruyninx (IGS/EUREF)
  • Susan Skone (1.180)
  • H. Kutterer (4.190)

FS congratulated all new Fellows. Those not present will receive their certificates by mail.

4. Inaugural Speech by the new President (Gerhard Beutler)

GB presented 6 slides with the following headlines:

Slide 1: The initial conditions – containing the new structure of IAG

Slide 2: Listing the ICC’s:

  • ICC on Theory
  • ICC on Planetary Geodesy
  • ICC on Geodetic Standards

Slide 3: Presentation of IGGOS

Slide 4: Primary tasks:

  • New structure must work
  • The new Executive Committee is "a dream team"
  • Critical issues
    • Commission and Services must work together
    • Interaction between ICC’s and Commissions
    • New Study Groups – not to much progress, so far.

Slide 5: The Assemblies between 2003 and 2007:

  • 2005 Scientific Assembly in Cairns, Australia
  • 2007 General Assembly in Perugia, Italy

Slide 6: Challenges:

  • GNSS, much more than just GPS
  • CHAMP, GRACE, GOCE – the missions will keep us (IAG) busy
  • IGGOS, far from established – real challenge
  • The Moon and the (other) Planets are waiting for geodetic exploration!
  • Outreach and Education

5. Closing remarks (Fernando Sanso)

According to the LOC IAG had 389 registered participants. There have been 156 presentations and 154 posters. The IAG office has received about 150 papers for the proceedings.

The Scientific Assembly in 2005 will be joint with IAPSO in Cairns, Australia, August 22-26, 2005.

FS thanked the Council for its work. He is happy to note that the Council is becoming more structured and that the National Delegates are participating activey in the IAG work.

FS also thanked all geodesists, geophysicists, etc., who made his period as president very interesting.

And he cordially thanked the IAG Bureau, which has worked as a great team.

Since FS don’t like to say goodbye and close, he ended the General Assembly in Sapporo by bidding welcome in Cairns 2005.

Keeper of the minutes: Christina Schneider

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