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April 2023

General Announcements

  • IUGG General Assembly Berlin 2023
  • Call for candidates to the Editorial Board of Journal of Geodesy for the period 2023-2027

Meeting Announcements

  • 20th WEGENER Assembly 2023
  • 14th International School on “The Determination and Use of the Geoid”
  • International Symposium on Satellite Navigation: Advances, Opportunities and Challenges (ISSN2023) 

Meetings Calendar

IAG Sponsored Meetings

  • EUREF Symposium 2023
  • IUGG Berlin 2023
  • GGOS Days 2023
  • ILRS Technical Workshop 2023
  • WGAAL2023
  • 20th WEGENER Assembly 2023
  • International Symposium on Satellite Navigation: Advances, Opportunities and Challenges (ISSN2023) 

Geodesy Related Meetings

  • European Navigation Conference 2023
  • FIG Working Week 2023
  • Bologna-VLBI: Life begins at 40!
  • AOGS 20th Annual Meeting
  • 13th Session of UN GGIM

General Announcements

IUGG Berlin 2023

28th IUGG General Assembly (IUGG2023), Berlin, Germany, July 11-20, 2023 

The 28th IUGG General Assembly (IUGG2023) will be held from 11 to 20 July 2023 at the CityCube in Berlin, Germany.

This General Assembly is a special opportunity for participants from around the world to come together and discuss the full range of geodetic and geophysical themes, and further enhance the important interdisciplinary collaboration for a better understanding of our Earth System. IUGG2023 will provide a platform for personal meetings, exchange of ideas and developing new concepts for international science collaboration, all of which have suffered a setback during this pandemic crisis. IUGG2023 will help to create a new spirit to address pressing large societal challenges such as global environmental change and natural hazards and to stimulate novel geoscience research.

Important Dates

2 May 2023

  • Newsletter on field trips and accommodation reservations

12 May 2023

  • Complete scientific program and guidelines for presenters published

IUGG2023 Local Organizing Committee and Scientific Program Committee

Call for candidates to the Editorial Board of Journal of Geodesy for the period 2023-2027

According to the Article 20 e) of the By-laws of the IAG the Editors of the Journal of Geodesy can hold office for one period and are eligible to be re-elected for one further period. Since some of the Editors have already served for two periods, therefore the Editorial Board shall appoint new members for the period of 2023-2027.

Jürgen Kusche, the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Geodesy collected the list of possible candidates for the new Editorial Board. The candidates are:

  • Mattia Crespi,
  • Anna Klos, 
  • Jerome Benveniste, 
  • Susanne Glaser, 
  • Brian Gunter,
  • Urs Hugentobler, 
  • Hansjörg Kutterer, 
  • Frank Lemoine, 
  • Volker Michel, 
  • Felipe Nievinski, 
  • Michael Schindelegger, 
  • Yunzhong Shen, 
  • Benedikt Soja, 
  • Yusuke Yokota
  • Claudio Abbondanza, 
  • Sten Claessens, 
  • Kristel Chanard, 
  • Alberto Escapa, 
  • Amir Kodabandeh, 
  • Jacek Paziewski, 
  • Mirko Reguzzoni, 
  • Manoochehr Shirzaei, 
  • Baocheng Zhang
  • Peilang Xu

According to the Article 20 c) of the By-laws of the IAG, IAG Components, Members, Fellows, Honorary Officers and Council Members are entitled to nominate additional candidates to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Geodesy. Nominations can be sent directly to the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Geodesy ( by June 15, 2023.

The new members of the Editorial Board will be elected at the IUGG General Assembly 2023 in Berlin.

Jürgen Kusche

Meeting Announcements

Submit your abstract to the 20th WEGENER Assembly 2023

Dear colleague,

Since more than 40 years ago, WEGENER has brought together geoscientists who want to collaborate on the application of space and terrestrial geodetic techniques to the study of geodynamics in the Alpine–Mediterranean plate boundary region.

During the past decade, WEGENER has broadened its scopes beyond the Mediterranean and Geodesy. This led to the creation of a new Seismo-geodesy sub-commission, jointly supported by the International Association of Geodesy (IAG) and International Association of Seismology and Physics of the Earth’s Interior (IASPEI).

WEGENER, through meetings organized every two years in and around the Mediterranean is now an important component, offering a space for collaborative discussion and presentation of research.

The 20th WEGENER Assembly 2023 will be organized by the National Office of Mines (ONM which is the Geological Survey of Tunisia) from 24 to 27 October 2023 in Sousse, Tunisia. The ONM has shown a substantial interest in the processing of GNSS data and the geodynamic study of Tunisia since 2019.

For more details please visit 

20th WEGENER Key points: 

  • The 20th Assembly of Wegener aims to gather geo-scientists and share recent progress in space geodesy (GPS and InSAR) and knowledge in seismo-geodesy, deformation of volcanic fields.
  • A special attention will be devoted to the implications for the seismic hazard and risk reduction to foster discussion and new proposals for joint research projects
  • It will take place on 24–27 October 2023 in Sousse, Tunisia.
  • It will go ahead in person but there will be a possibility to present online.
  • It will feature keynotes, panels and oral / E-poster sessions.
  • Abstract submissions (max. 350 words) will be accepted until 31 May 2023.
  • We encourage submissions of research works from all regions of the world.
  • Read more about the covered themes and sessions which will be organised (see Sessions)
  • Before submission, please read the Guidelines.
  • The 20th WEGENER Proceedings will be published in Springer ASTI Series (indexed in Scopus & SCImago). However, publishing in the proceedings in optional.
  • Best papers will be published in special issues of some reputable journals (special issues).
  • Read more details about our 20th WEGENER Publication Plan.
  • Discover her the related events MedGU-21, MedGU-22 and MedGU-23.
  • Contact us, if you need more information:     

WEGENER-20 is looking forward to cordially welcoming you in Sousse. Your participation in-person or virtually will support WEGENER’s mission of ensuring a sustainable future for humanity in the region and for the planet.

Join us for a memorable experience!

Yours sincerely,

F. Dhaha, N. Bahrouni, N. Khelifi, M. Meghraoui and J.-M. Nocquet

14th International School on “The Determination and Use of the Geoid”

From November 13 to 17, 2023 will be held the 14th International School on “The Determination and Use of the Geoid”. The School will take place at the Instituto Geográfico Nacional, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The School will be held in person and classes will be taught only in English.

The general purpose of the full-week intensive Geoid School is to prepare new graduate students, young scientists, and employees of national agencies to compute and use gravimetric geoids for scientific and technical applications in Geodesy. In addition, the School provides an excellent opportunity to familiarize with the latest geoid determination development and improve international contacts and collaborations among scientists dealing with gravity field modeling.

In addition, the scientific community must be linked to the Cartographic Agencies responsible for implementing the GGRF in the country so that the research carried out in the scientific framework can be applied to develop regional and local regional geodesy.

The geoid school will be organized in cooperation with the International Service for the Geoid of the International Association of Geodesy

For better use of the knowledge that will be taught at the School, attendees must have a basic understanding of the following topics:

  • Concepts about gravimetric measurements and calculations
  • Concepts about altimetric measurements and calculations
  • Concepts on calculation and use of Digital Elevation Models
  • Concepts about Geopotential Models

More information can be found at:

Pre-registration will be open from March 20 to July 20 at the following link: 

Sonia Costa

International Symposium on Satellite Navigation: Advances, Opportunities and Challenges (ISSN2023) 

The International Symposium on Satellite Navigation: Advances, Opportunities and Challenges (ISSN2023) will be held on November 20-22, 2023, Jiaozuo, Henan, China. 

The ISSN2023 aims to provide a platform for GNSS scientists and engineers to communicate and exchange in theory, methods, technologies, applications and future challenges. The ISSN2023 is open to all scientists who may have the latest results and developments in BDS/GNSS+, including constellations, signals, orbit, receiver, ionosphere, positioning/navigation/timing theory, algorithms, models and applications in engineering and Earth science as well as combining multi-sensors. Manuscripts on new advances in Multi-GNSS and other regional systems, compatibility, interoperability and new applications are also welcomed. 

More information on ISSN 2023 can be seen at: 

Welcome to submit your abstract via website and look forward to seeing you in Jiaozuo, Henan, China.  

Prof. Dr. Shuanggen Jin

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IAG Sponsored Meetings

Geodesy Related Meetings

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