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October 2021

General Announcements

  • New popular science book on geodesy "Mission Earth"

Meeting Announcement

  • REFAG 2022

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IAG Sponsored Meetings

  • The 6th Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop
  • IGS Workshop "IGS 2021: Science from Earth to Space"
  • Unified Analysis Workshop 2021
  • GGOS Days 2021
  • ILRS Virtual World Tour 2021
  • 2021 SIRGAS Symposium
  • EUREF 2022 Symposium
  • Spatial Data: science, research and technology 2022
  • 2nd International Symposium of Commission 4: Positioning and Applications
  • REFAG 2022
  • 22nd International Workshop on Laser Ranging
  • 20th Assembly of WEGENER

IAG Related Meetings

  • COSPAR 2022

General Announcements

New popular science book on geodesy "Mission Earth"

A new popular science book on geodesy “Mission Earth – Geodynamics and Climate Change Observed Through Satellite Geodesy” will soon be available in English.

“Mission Earth” presents our science of measuring the Earth in an easy to understand way and it provides illustrative examples from satellite navigation to climate change. This book is aimed at interested non-professionals who want to learn more about our fascinating planet, but also at experts in natural sciences.

With this popular science book, the authors (four geodesists from Technical University of Munich) would like to contribute to make geodesy more visible to other disciplines and to society.

Further information:

·       announcement of this book at the GGOS website:

·       English Version:ISBN 978-3-662-64105-7 (announced date of publishing 01.01.2022)

·       German Version: ISBN 978-3-662-62338-1  (published on February 27, 2021)

Detlef Angermann

Meeting announcement

Reference Frames for Applications in Geosciences

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I am honored to invite you to the IAG International Symposium on Reference Frames for Applications in Geosciences (REFAG 2022), which is organized by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, under the scientific coordination of Commission 1 of the International Association of Geodesy (IAG). The symposium will be held in Thessaloniki, Greece on October 17-21, 2022.

REFAG 2022 carries on the tradition of previous IAG dedicated symposia on Reference Frames (Munich 2006, Marne-la-Vallee 2010, Luxemburg 2014, Pasadena 2018), aiming to bring together leading experts from academia, public authorities and private sector with young scientists, to discuss current achievements and future challenges of geodetic reference frames and their scientific and societal impact.

The primary scope of REFAG 2022 is to address today’s theoretical concepts of reference systems and their practical implementation by space geodetic techniques and their combinations, underlying limiting factors, systematic errors and novel approaches for future improvements. The symposium welcomes contributions in all aspects of geodetic reference frames and their applications in Earth science studies, satellite navigation, and also other key areas of geomatics and geospatial information systems. The scientific program of the symposium covers all topics related to the activities of IAG Commission 1 and its subgroups, including also other initiatives and projects which endorse the role of geodetic reference frames towards scientific exploration, sustainable development, land administration, disaster risk reduction and climate monitoring.

The symposium proceedings will be published in the IAG Symposia Series by Springer.

We look forward to welcoming you in Thessaloniki!

C. Kotsakis, Chairman of REFAG 2022
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki – Greece

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IAG Sponsored Meetings

IAG Related Meetings

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