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September 2021

General Announcements

  • 13th International School on "The Determination and Use of the Geoid"

Meeting Announcement

  • ILRS Virtual World Tour 2021: First Circular
  • 22nd International Workshop on Laser Ranging
  • Spatial Data 2022

Meeting Calendar

IAG Sponsored Meetings

  • The 6th Satellite Soil Moisture Validation and Application Workshop
  • IGS Workshop "IGS 2021: Science from Earth to Space"
  • Unified Analysis Workshop 2021
  • GGOS Days 2021
  • ILRS Virtual World Tour 2021
  • 2021 SIRGAS Symposium
  • EUREF 2022 Symposium
  • Spatial Data: science, research and technology 2022
  • 2nd International Symposium of Commission 4: Positioning and Applications
  • 22nd International Workshop on Laser Ranging
  • 20th Assembly of WEGENER

IAG Related Meetings

  • COSPAR 2022


  • Chinese Annual Geodetic General Assembly (CAGGA) 2021 held in Qingdao, China


  • Andrzej Borkowski (1959 - 2021)

General Announcements

13th International School on "The Determination and Use of the Geoid"

Dear Colleagues,

We are glad to inform you that the International Service for the Geoid (ISG) is organizing a new edition of the traditional International School on “The Determination and Use of the Geoid”. It will be organized in cooperation with the Department of Geodesy and Geodynamics Research and Development in Ethiopian Space Science and Technology Institute (ESSTI) of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), which fostered this initiative. Due to the pandemic, for the first time, the School will be held online, from 13 October to 26 October 2021 (14.00 to 18.00 CEST), with a large group of attendees in Addis Ababa at ESSTI premises.

For more information please see the following website: https://www.isgeoid.polimi.it/Schools/next_school.html 

Please share this announcement with potentially interested students, because the registration is still open.

A maximum number of 30 attendees can be accepted.

Kind regards,

Daniela Carrion and Mirko Reguzzoni
ISG Director and President

Meetings Calendar

IAG Sponsored Meetings

IAG Related Meetings

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