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September 2023

General Announcements

  • Proceedings of the IAG Symposia at IUGG Berlin
  • Tutorial on geodetic and astrometric VLBI
  • New Film about Terrestrial Reference Frames

Meeting Announcements

  • Colloquium in honor of Harald Schuh
  • UN-GGIM-AP Workshop in Bali

Meetings Calendar

IAG Sponsored Meetings

  • GGOS Days 2023
  • WGAAL2023
  • ILRS Technical Workshop 2023
  • 20th WEGENER Assembly 2023
  • International School on the Geoid
  • IVS 13th General Meeting and 25th Anniversary

Geodesy Related Meetings

  • UN-GGIM Workshop
  • International Symposium on Satellite Navigation: Advances, Opportunities and Challenges (ISSN2023)
  • AGU Fall Meeting
  • Recent Achievements and Future Perspectives in Geodesy
  • EGU General Assembly 2024
  • ION Pacific PNT Conference
  • FIG Working Week 2024
  • 45th COSPAR Scientific Assembly
  • 32th IAU General Assembly
  • 20th Geodynamics and Earth Tides Symposium (G-ETS 2024)

General Announcements

Proceedings of the IAG Symposia at IUGG Berlin

Submissions are welcomed for the Berlin IUGG volume of the IAG Symposia series, with an initial submission deadline of October 15. Papers are welcome from any of the IAG symposia, or from joint symposia sponsored or co-sponsored by IAG. All papers will be published Open Access, and the cost for this is covered by the IAG. 

To submit a paper, you must go the Springer submission portal ( Partway through the series of menus, you will see one to choose the symposia – look for text Berlin IUGG and then the symposia and joint symposia names. Please choose the appropriate item, and you will also be asked to confirm that the paper was based on a presentation at the meeting. 

Accepted manuscripts should be 8 pages or less in length for general contributions when provided in the final format. Contributions resulting from an invited abstract to a symposium may be up to 10 pages in length. We now provide a template for Microsoft Word – the sample text in this template fills out the regular 8 page limit. The Springer Nature LaTeX template also may be used. 

We look forward to seeing the submitted papers! 

Jeff Freymueller, IAG Symposia Series Editor-in-Chief 
Laura Sánchez, IAG Symposia Series Assistant Editor-in-Chief 

Tutorial on geodetic and astrometric VLBI

Dear IAG colleagues, 

The Office for Outreach and Communication of the International VLBI Service for Geodesy and Astrometry (IVS) is delighted to announce that a comprehensive open tutorial on geodetic and astrometric VLBI is being made available for wide access. 

Our colleague, Axel Nothnagel of TU Wien, Austria, authors and maintains the tutorial on his web page at and will be adding detail to individual topics in irregular intervals. As the author writes, it “is an open tutorial document for educational purposes, e.g., for newcomers to geodetic and astrometric VLBI but also for the specialists wanting to expand their knowledge about topics that are not in their main focus. It is intended to be a living document.” 

We are confident that this document is of interest to the general geodetic community as a good entry point to our geodetic observing technique. 


Nancy Wolfe Kotary
IVS Office for Outreach and Communication 

New Film about Terrestrial Reference Frames

Due to the success and very positive response to the film Discover GGOS and Geodesy we are working on the production of more videos about geodetic products. Now we are proud to present the new film Terrestrial Reference Frames – Connecting the World through Geodesy, which shows the great importance of ITRF for science and society. 

The film is available in several languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, Dutch and Bulgarian. More will follow. We thank all colleagues who contributed to the realization of this video. Special thanks to Zuheir Altamimi for his leading role in defining the content of the video. 

“Terrestrial Reference Frames” film – You Tube link 

We invite you to watch this film and share it with your colleagues, family, friends and via social media to promote this fundamental geodetic product. 


English version:  

Martin Sehnal 
Director of GGOS 

Meeting Announcements

Colloquium in honor of Harald Schuh

Dear colleagues and friends, 

At the end of 2023, Prof. Harald Schuh will retire as Director of the Geodesy Department at the GFZ. For this reason, the GFZ has decided to organize and host a scientific colloquium on “Recent Achievements and Future Perspectives in Geodesy” to which we cordially invite you. 

Date: Wed, Feb. 21, 2024 (13:30) – Thu, Feb. 22, 2024 (13:30) 
Location: GFZ Potsdam, Auditorium, Building H, Telegrafenberg, Potsdam 

During this colloquium, several scientific presentations will be given on various topics of geodesy. Most of the speakers are former doctoral and post-doctoral students of Harald Schuh who now hold professorships. 

During the social dinner on the first evening there will also be time for meeting your colleagues and networking with good friends. 

You will receive further information on the event by the end of September 2023. For all organizational questions, please contact Ms Natalia Bobenko ( 

On behalf of the organizing team  

With kind regards 

Sibylle Itzerott 

UN-GGIM-AP Workshop in Bali

Title: Capacity Development Workshop on Geodetic Reference Frames, its Dynamics and Application for Geohazards 

Venue: Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel – Kuta Bali, Indonesia 
Date: November 7, 2023 

The Regional Committee of United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management for Asia and the Pacific (UN-GGIM-AP) will hold a workshop on geodetic capacity development on November 7, 2023 in Bali, Indonesia. The workshop is co-organized by the UN-GGIM-AP, IAG, International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) and Geospatial Information Agency of Indonesia (BIG), and focuses on geodetic reference frames, its dynamics and geodesy application for GNSS early tsunami warning system. Another focus of the workshop is an effort on the Global Geodesy Need Assessment by the United Nations Subcommittee on Geodesy and the Global Geodetic Center of Excellence, and open discussion on this challenge is planned in the session. 

This workshop is a part of Asia Pacific Geospatial Forum and will be held in conjunction with the UN-GGIM-AP 12th Plenary meeting. Participants will soon be able to register this event under the conference website ( We look forward to seeing you in beautiful Bali. 

Registration is open at:


Basara Miyahara 
Chair of UN-GGIM-AP Working Group on Geodetic Reference Frame/ IAG Subcommission 1.3e Asia-Pacific 

Meetings Calendar

IAG Sponsored Meetings

Geodesy Related Meetings

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