Rules for the Levallois Medal and Young Authors' Award

Levallois Medal


The Levallois Medal was established by the International Association of Geodesy in 1979 to honour Jean-Jacques Levallois, and to recognize his outstanding contribution to the IAG, particularly his long service as Secretary General, 1960-1975.

The award of the Medal will be made in recognition of distinguished service to the Association, and/or to the science of geodesy in general.

The Medal is normally awarded at four year intervals, on the occasion of the General Assemblies of the International Association of Geodesy and International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics; but the award may be omitted if it is considered that there is no candidature of sufficient

merit, and an additional award may be made at any time if justified by exceptional circumstances.

Nomination and Election

A nomination for the award shall be made by an ad hoc committee consisting of the Honorary Presidents and must be confirmed by the IAG Executive Committee. The ad hoc committee shall prepare a citation, suitable for publication, setting out the grounds for the proposed award before the General Assembly. 

Young Authors Award


The award is to draw attention to important contributions by young scientists in the Journal of Geodesy and to foster excellence in scientific writing.


The applicant must be 35 years of age or younger when submitting the paper for the competition. The paper must present his or her own research, and must have been published in the two annual volumes of the Journal of Geodesy preceding either the IAG General Assembly or the

Scientific Assembly. Although multiple author papers will be considered, single author papers will be given more weight in the selection process.


The award consists of a certificate and a cheque of US $ 1000. Presentation of the awards will be made at each IAG General Assembly and each Scientific Assembly. Up to two awards will be presented on each occasion for the two-year period corresponding to the annual volumes specified above. 

Nomination and Selection

For each two-year period the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Geodesy will propose a minimum of three candidates for the award. In addition, proposals made by at least three Fellows or Associates will be considered for the competition. The voting members of the IAG Executive Committee will make the final selection. It will be based on the importance of the scientific contribution, which may be either theoretical or practical, and on the quality of the presentation. The name and picture of the award winner and a short biography will be published in Journal of Geodesy.


Each year the conditions for the award will be announced in the Journal of Geodesy. Nominations should be sent to the Secretary General of the IAG, giving name, address, and age of the author (at date of submission), the title of the paper on which nomination is based, and a brief justification. Nominations must be received by March 1 of the year in which either an IAG General Assembly or an IAG Scientific Assembly takes place.

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