Sz. Rózsa | 2021-03-03

Nature Research Award for Driving Global Impact

Science is critical in solving global challenges.  In 2021 Nature invites applications from early career researchers (please see criteria below) working in these areas:

  • Food security, water security and/or energy security – ensuring a long term, sustainable supply of either food, water or energy.
  • Healthcare interventions – the assessment, improvement or promotion of human health.
  • Environmental protection – protection of the natural environment on land and water including the repair of damage.
  • Climate change – slowing climate change and adapting to what’s unavoidable.
  • Sustainable cities – building green, liveable cities that last.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants must:

  • Be employed by a university, research institute or any other not-for-profit organisation.
  • Hold a PhD or clinical doctorate, one of which awarded not earlier than 1st January 2006.
  • Lead an independent research group established within the past 5 years as of 1st January 2021.
  • Demonstrate the application, or potential application, of their research to make a positive impact on one of the global challenges above.
  • Dates may be adjusted in the case of maternity leave(s) or other formal leave(s) of absence taken before the application deadline to adjust for the duration of the leave taken.
  • The reference date for calculation of the eligibility period should be the date of commencement of the first independent research project led by the team leader named in the application. In practice everyone who commenced such a position after 31st December 2015 is eligible. This period will be extended in the case of maternity leave(s) or other formal leave(s) of absences taken after the 1st January 2006 and before the application deadline with the duration of the leave taken.ű

For more information please visit the Award's website at

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