J. Freymueller - M. Poutanen | 2021-09-02

IAG SA manuscript submission to the IAG Symposia Series

The portal for submitting papers for the IAG2021 volume of the IAG Symposia Series is now open. Paper submission will be open until September 30, but we will start the peer review of papers as soon as they are submitted. All papers that are accepted will be available online after acceptance.

There are a few important changes from the past. First, starting from the IUGG2019 volume, all papers in the IAG Symposia Series are OPEN ACCESS without any publication fees or open access fees for you. Second, the page limit for papers has been relaxed, so we now accept papers up to 8 pages long instead of 6 pages in the past, and 10 pages for papers based on invited presentations. Finally, we ask you to indicate in your cover letter or comments the presentation number or title of the presentation at the meeting upon which your paper is based.

General information about the series, including templates and author instructions, isavailable at https://www.springer.com/series/1345.

To submit, log in to Editorial Manager (this link is also available on the page above):


In the past, we had listed all of the sessions/symposia specifically in one of the menus in the submission process. Because the IAG 2021 Scientific Assembly had many small sessions, we instead have grouped them into categories, listed below. These are used by the editors mainly to help us in assigning Associate Editors for the papers, so please choose whichever one you think is closest for your paper.

  • IAG2021: Terrestrial and Celestial Reference Frame
  • IAG2021: Static Gravity Field Gravity Measurements
  • IAG2021: Time-Variable Gravity
  • IAG2021: Earth Rotation and Geodynamics
  • IAG2021: Positioning Techniques and Applications
  • IAG2021: Novel Techniques in Geodesy
  • IAG2021: Advances in Geodetic Theory
  • IAG2021: Geodetic Remote Sensing, Climate Change and Earth System Monitoring
  • IAG2021: Geohazards
  • IAG2021: GGOS

We look forward to your submissions!

Jeffrey T. Freymueller
Endowed Chair for Geology of the Solid Earth
Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Michigan State University

Markku Poutanen
IAG Secretary General

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