C. Braitenberg & S. Rosat | 2022-04-26

Online seminars in Earth Tides and Geodynamics

Dear colleagues, 

we kindly invite you to a series of fortnightly seminars which shall be held online on the topics of Earth Tides and Geodynamics, the topic of the Sub-Commission SC 3.1 Earth Tides and Geodynamics, International Association of Geodesy (IAG) Commission 3 – Earth Rotation and Geodynamics. The seminars will be recorded, except for special demand of the presenter, and will be available for off-line.

The Zoom link to the seminars will be updated at every seminar. 

The next seminars we have in program:

10 May 2022 1 PM CEST: Tommaso Pivetta, Gravity measurements as a useful tool to model Karst hydrology.

24 May 2022: visit EGU and Living Planet Symposium Earth Tides and Geodynamics related talks.

7 June 2022, 1 PM CEST: Alexandre Michel, GNSS inversion for surface loading

21 June 2022, 1 PM CEST: Isabelle Panet, Pre-seismic signals in GRACE gravity solutions: application to the 2011 Tohoku and 2010 Maule earthquakes

POSTPONED! Exact date will be announced later. 05 July 2022, 1 PM CEST: Anna Klos, Sensitivity of GPS technique for environmental loadings: implications for future estimates

The seminars will continue starting September 2022.

Time zone: CEST (Central European Summer Time) is UTC+2, which is 2h ahead of UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

Those interested to share their work and give a seminar, are kindly asked to contact Carla Braitenberg (berg@units.it)  or Severine Rosat (severine.rosat@unistra.fr). This invitation includes PhD and Master students, as well as PostDocs and senior scientists.

The Topics that are relevant to the Earth Tides and Geodynamics Commission take into account geodynamic phenomena on different temporal and spatial scales. These geodynamic phenomena can be observed by modern instrumentation and monitoring systems, both terrestrial and space-borne. The seminars will be open for a wide range of scientific problems in geodynamics research. Interactions of geophysical fluids with Earth tides phenomena and observations are a specific focus and includes:

  1. •        Tidal and non-tidal loading in space geodetic and subsurface observations
  2. •        Permanent and dynamic effects of Earth tides on the geodetic reference system
  3. •        Using tides and ocean tidal loading with modern geodesy to probe Earth structure
  4. •        Variations in Earth rotation, gravity field and geocenter due to mass redistributions
  5. •        Tidal forcing of plate movement
  6. •        Subsurface fluid movement through geodetic and gravity observation
  7. •        Fluid pressure changes due to Earth tides
  8. •        Stress and deformation changes due to injected fluids
  9. •        Earth tides, mass movements and deformation at volcanoes
  10. •        Tidal effects on geodetic satellites as GOCE, GRACE, …
  11. •        Innovations in instrumentation for gravity and deformation observation
  12. •        Innovations in software, data analyses and prediction methods of loading and tides
  13. •        Induced seismicity
  14. •        Tides and geodynamics in planets

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