Sz. Rozsa | 2023-01-01

Workshop in SAR for Geodesy

You are warmly welcome to the Workshop in SAR for Geodesy organized at Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland and in Zoom 13. –14.3.2023

We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of using the Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technique for geodetic research and applications. We welcome contributions that discuss the uses of the SAR technique for absolute or relative positioning, opportunities that are emerging in the combination of techniques, share current status of infra-structure, or anything else related to the topic. Our invited speakers include Ramon Hanssen (TU Delft), Thomas Gruber (TU Munich), Muriel Pinheiro(ESA) and Christoph Gisinger(DLR).

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On behalf of the organizing committee,

Apulaisprofessori/ Assistant professor
Insinööritieteidenkorkeakoulu, Aalto-yliopisto/ School of Engineering, Aalto University
Käyntiosoite/Visiting address: Otakaari4, Espoo

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